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Leadership Foundations Course

Join professionals like you to learn how to facilitate healthy workplaces where all employees can thrive.

First Live Session Starts February 14th!

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What we do

We offer clients a process for operational and cultural change for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Transformation focused on Racial Equity + Justice.

Self-Guided Learning

We provide interactive learning experiences that facilitate knowledge and skill building while in community with people like you.

Instructor-Guided Courses

Enhance your knowledge and skill building by accessing high-quality live sessions through your desktop and mobile devices.

Benefits of our learning experiences

Practical Approach

Our learning experiences are designed based on real-world situations that are relevant to the challenges in implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Action Oriented

The content and resources in our learning experiences are specifically designed to help you and your organization facilitate intentional action in the workplace and beyond.

For Your Development

Whether you want to improve your professional/personal development or lead organizational change, our learning experiences support your ability to have meaningful impact.