Why Create a Learning Community for Racism + Racial Justice

Dr. Atyia Martin

Bottom Line Up Front

There are many forms of oppression. However, racism is the one that seems to be the most intractable, pervasive, and stealthy. If we want to truly reconcile who we are with who we want to be, we have to take intentional action. However, too many approaches do not teach people a transformative process that can facilitate action to advance racial justice within Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts.

IntentionallyAct.com is All Aces, Inc.'s contribution to building the necessary personal and organizational resilience to advance racial justice in the workplace and beyond.

Current Situation

Team All Aces has worked with clients from businesses, nonprofits, and all levels of governments to advance racial justice in their efforts. We have refined our frameworks, models, and other tools based on those experiences and continued research.

As such, we have been able to develop transformative learning and action-planning sessions. We have translated all of our experiences, research, and tools into online learning experiences designed to support people and organizations along a journey towards resilience and racial justice. 

IntentionallyAct.com is filled with content that directly addresses the ways that racism and oppression impact the employee experience, operations, and culture. We also incorporate the relationship between operations and culture with other stakeholder experiences like communities, leaders, and vendors.


We at All Aces will continue to learn, grow, and share our concepts and content with you. We hope that you will join us on this learning journey. Please let us know if you have ideas for content or notice something that does not make sense or is inconsistent: We are only human. Team All Aces is committed to excellence and continuous improvement.